Let Me Go

Photo by niu niu on Unsplash

Let it go
So you refused to blow
Sit tight, lay low
Are you friend or foe?

Just let it go
You reap what you sow
You can’t have your cake
Or have a second take.

Let it go
All eyes on me
Oh please, just please
Sneak me the secret key.

Just let it go
Fist on cheek
Brand my heart meek
Left your mark — I’ll grow.

I’ve been through more
Fuck those who know
Now I’ll just soar
So let it go.

The past is certainly more
Than this vault, vault
Of a slumber party horror
Just let it go.

This bump on the road
For the love of God
Just let me go.

*Thanks to Amanda Dalmas for the very first “A Rebel’s Prompt.” Details about this prompt on “Letting Go” may be found here:

Ann Marie Steele

I write poetry about love and loss, what I observe, experience, and pine for. I’m an acrobat, yogi & mom. My writing has been described as resiliently defiant.

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