I am a warrior, a Goddess — I am an acrobat

Ann Marie Steele
2 min readJun 7, 2020


Photo by author, 2018

I am from the orange-speckled shag carpet and purple beads
that adorned my childhood home — from the fragrant, tangy, honeyed gardenia, kumquat and tangerine trees

I am from the tacky-sapped gaping rubber jungle gym which lured me to perambulate its branches — from red-tubed Pringles, orange slices, Sunny D
cleats, grass, leotards, mats, and blood-smeared chalky hands

I am a warrior, a Goddess yes — I am even an acrobat
I keep it real — I am a dabber of “Slow Dance” on my wrists, my temples between my breasts — I am from Sicily, England, Ireland, Germany,

France — and a pinch of Malta — from Phil and Sherry’s cracked limbs — lima beans and spaghetti, pizza burgers, canned green beans and corn
from peppers, onions and Italian sausage, relatives making rounds

I am a sea of moments, a rose unbudded before its time — a star enveloped by a black-caped night, shining bright but dimmed by life — I am an emerald mountain with a dollop of icicle frost — I am a lover

not a fighter — dreamer not doer — writer not talker — I am a pawn to life
I am a Queen awaiting her final move in this game we call life.

Ann Marie Steele

~This was written in 2019 and has been tweaked a bit. I published it on Medium originally in the summer of 2020. If you liked this piece, check out these:



Ann Marie Steele

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