Don’t Wanna Overcook the Sauce

A poem about my writing process

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Car spiraling
I gaze up at
word police
hunting me

Searching for pen
glove box
exploding expired
insurance cards
and registration

Heart pounding
frantic like Henry,
Goodfella’s Wiseguy
racing for a lucky hat
awaiting his demise
Don’t wanna overcook the sauce

This alphabet soup
bouncing around
my brain
is ready to spill
in all direction.

Hopped up
on coffee
praying my Karen
won’t flush
apostate words away
hide them in oblivion
destroy Bitcoin of my mind
before I can pen
fleeting fragments
on paper.

I write poetry about love and loss, what I observe, experience, and pine for. I’m an acrobat, yogi & mom. My writing has been described as resiliently defiant.

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