Club Kink

I talked to Krampus as his young girlfriend enjoyed a nude full body massage

Ann Marie Steele
2 min readDec 25, 2020


~Photo from my first show at the oceanfront resort, compliments of CPull Photos, Dec. 18, 2020

On the seventh day of Christmas, I performed at Club Kink
and witnessed a white elephant holiday gift exchange-
dildos, vibrating cock rings, and leather galore,
LED whips, chains and silks suspended,
oh, and colorful paddleboards.
Enigmatic items, I thought clueless
my, what are those for?

Women sucking binkies and sparkly sippy cups
wannabe baby girls wrestled naked on the floor.
A man dressed as a woman, beautiful blond
gave me a drink.
His wife sporting an ugly Christmas sweater
underneath a red slinky thing.

I chatted with Krampus while his young girlfriend
enjoyed a nude full body massage
by a man called Gloria who befriended me
during this give and steal gift hodgepodge.
Krampus’ narrative enthralled me
trumpeting his devil horn garland hat
relaying tales about Black Jack,
Jack Frost and how this came to that.

Later, Gloria offered me
the vibrating gift that he nabbed,
replete with a super-conducting,
slick magnetic charger on the back.
Although many girls tried to steal this treat away
ironically, the Texas Roadhouse gift card
was Miss Popular this day.

~ The night after my debut dance/acrobatic performance at a posh oceanfront resort in North Florida, my partner asked me to do the same bit with him, but this time at a different venue; although not quite so posh, this place was far more interesting. That afternoon, after asking for details, his text was direct: “The place is called Club Kink. The show will start at 10, but it’s open at 7. After



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