Beyond the Fifth Season

A Moonflower whose ivory petals gaze upward

Pray, it IS worth dying for
this Fifth Season
where hearts stop beating
minds stop dreaming
souls stop longing
those budding in youth
are briskly escorted
by angels to that land of in-between
as their glossy petals
gleaming jewels
fall from the sky?

Here, the north wind gently blows
a rapture, a hurricane
hugging their bodies in ecstasy
because they dared to gaze
at life’s ethereal beauty
be so bold as to wish upon a star
on what She has to offer-
more sun-shower days
followed by sultry summer nights
warming toes in the sand while
blanketing supple skin in the healing tides of the ocean
a lunar gift
for another century of seasons
as is expected.

This Fifth Season
does it rain flowers of life
those hardy gladiolus
in all their splendor
or something far more special- perhaps
a Moonflower
whose ivory petals gaze upward
wrap their souls in euphoric embers
while kissing the stars
who flirt in and out of the constellations
and lap up the frothy Milky Way
of forever life.

In this Fifth Season
where that indigo rain caresses their faces
dances in the dusky velvet sky
where musicians paint masterpieces
of their ethereal beauty
by the jealous gods who snatched them
because they were too good
for this land of four seasons
Where seraphs’ tears
create oceans of sunshine
in a perfect storm of love
ardently embraced by their creator
dancing in the silken web
a promise of togetherness.

Maybe this is worth dying for
those whose time came too soon
with a crunching blow
severing the journey to
the fall and winter of their lives.

~This is essentially another chapter, or partner piece, to my original poem, “The Fifth Season” found here:

~Enormous thanks to Amanda Dalmas for her January Poetry Prompt, which has been on my mind all month since I read her inspiring piece, “The Realm of the Dead” found here:

Ann Marie Steele 2021

I write poetry about love and loss, what I observe, experience, and pine for. I’m an acrobat, yogi & mom. My writing has been described as resiliently defiant.

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