Will my feet quickly unleash the truth


Photo by Obed Tewes on Unsplash

I picture myself tearing off
the double-bolted airplane
window and diving, leaping
to test my theory: Can I
walk on these clouds?

Weightless masses of white
pearl fluff are heaven’s carpets
will my feet quickly
unleash the truth
by plunging through
into the blue hued
void below?

My eyes can’t escape this
picturesque celestial scene —
heaven? It’s been years
since I was so naïve
but even so, this is the
closest I’ve been or will
ever get to St. Peter’s gate.

Coward! I remain glued
and forget — I will never discover
whether these cotton-ball
masses are heaven’s waiting
carpet or just gaseous
vapors alluding to
peace beauty and
literary cliché.

Hard to believe that I wrote this eclectic piece in 1991. It puts a smile on my face when I read it!

Ann Marie Steele